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Here are a list of consulting and done-for-you service offerings. Click the appropriate service for a full breakdown of the service details and price options. These gigs are fulfilled through the Fiverr platform to provide a safe intermediary that protects both the buyer and sellers interests. If you have service related questions, please book a 15 minute consultation session. For all other questions, please email .


If you are launching a brand and want to establish powerful brand recognition, business podcasting is an incredible source of personal branding. With a podcast, you build credibility, you develop a platform to attract influencer guests, and you develop a raving fan base. Learn how we can get you started with launching a podcast from recommending proper equipment, to getting your show listed with Apple, to attracting active listeners. 

*** LinkedIn Workshops & corporate events

The vast majority of business owners that I run into still use LinkedIn as their online resume. This is a major mistake. LinkedIn is much more than just your resume and, as a business owner, it is important to shift your mentality from job hunter to advertiser. LinkedIn should be treated as an online billboard and advertisement for your business. We teach strategies and methods for optimizing your headline, business summary, company page, background photo, profile photo, and more. We also will show you the most efficient techniques for generating real revenue from LinkedIn and how to book one-on-one appointments through the social networking tool. 

Justin Womack is also co-founder of the domain where he offers an online membership site to teach the latest strategies for LinkedIn optimization specifically for business owners.