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Ep #49 - Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing from Drift, Talks the Importance of a Congruent and Authentic Brand Personality

Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift

Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift

Dave Gerhardt, the VP of marketing from Drift, sits down with the Marketing Geeks.  

Drift has been exploding over the last few years & the company continues to produce innovative tools that allow business owners and marketers to communicate with ideal prospects and clients.

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Ep #49 - Boom! Today on Marketing Geeks we are joined by Dave Gerhardt, the VP of marketing from Drift, a conversational marketing platform that connects you with the people ready to buy now.  Drift has been absolutely exploding over the last couple of years and the company continues to produce innovative tools that help to communicate and target ideal prospects and customers. 

Dave Gerhardt sits down with Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon for an interview to discuss his role at Drift and his thoughts about what makes an effective marketer in 2019. Many of the old rules of marketing have either changed or are changing and Dave believes that we are about to enter what could be considered the most difficult era yet for marketers. The tools and tactics that used to bring marketing success are now just "table stakes" to join the game. Dave believes that today's effective marketers need to show a level of congruence by being the same person when speaking on behalf of the company, talking on a podcast, writing an article, or sitting at home for a family dinner. He believes that the era of false brand personalities is ending and that people, more than ever, are connecting with authenticity, transparency, and direct, upfront messaging. It's a great interview with lots of key insights so listen in and enjoy!

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