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Ep #51 - Andros Sturgeon Returns and Gets Raw...

Andros Sturgeon, Co-Host of The Marketing Geeks Podcast

Andros Sturgeon, Co-Host of The Marketing Geeks Podcast

Andros Sturgeon - SEO / SEM Specialist, Marketing Professional, Public Speaker, and Podcast Host...

Andros Sturgeon is an Energetic, dedicated, and highly experienced web development and marketing professional adept at web architecture, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (including Facebook and AdWords), Video Marketing, eCommerce, User Experience, Sales, Project Management and Technical Training.

Innovative collaborator with keen strategic vision committed to contributing interesting ideas and integrating best practices and project goals within long term organizational mission. 

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This week on The Marketing Geeks Podcast, a familiar face returns and we get to hear a story for the ages.

Andros Sturgeon, co-host of the show, sits down with other co-host, Justin Womack, for a fireside chat where we discuss what's been happening in the life of Andros.

For the past few weeks, he has experienced life changing events and we felt it made sense to open up and share them with our listeners. The show goes on and this interview is a must listen. Parts of the conversation get into dark areas like suicide and death so listener discretion is advised.

During Andros' absence, a few interviews were recorded and there will be a few shows released in the near future without his presence. Rest assured, Andros Sturgeon remains a full fledged Marketing Geek and will be diving back in at full force shortly.




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