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Ep #44 - The Man That Wrote the Book on Direct Marketing and Data, Ron Jacobs

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Ron Jacobs, the author of the best-selling book "Successful Direct Marketing Methods" joins the show today to talk about the state of direct marketing in 2019 and the importance of data as a marketing professional. Ron's book has sold more than a quarter million copies, it has been translated into a variety of languages, and it is currently in its 8th edition. Ron has hit it big with this book in Japan where they have changed the name to "The Marketing"and they have built a shrine in honor of him. 

Ron is the CEO and founder of Jacobs & Clevenger – a marketing agency with extensive expertise in customer relationship marketing. The marketing industry veteran, author and teacher has nearly four decades of marketing experience and is a recognized leader in the marketing community for his work surrounding direct marketing. Ron has led clients like Mercedes, Ulta,, Humana and Cintas (to name a few). For anyone interested in learning about direct marketing or taking a deeper dive into data, analytics, and insights, Ron Jacobs is the absolute expert in these areas and he drops some massive wisdom bombs right here in this interview.

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