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Ep #34 - The State of Marketing in the Education System as Told By the Most Educated Man on the Planet, Bryan McCleod, JD, PhD, MBA, BA, HS Diploma, and Maybe More...

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Welcome back to the Marketing Geeks podcast where we do the research so you don't have to. Today, we are joined by, quite possibly, the most educated man on the planet, Bryan McCleod. Bryan has an MBA, a PhD, and a JD along with passing the bar exam. He also has a Bachelors Degree and probably a high school diploma. Bryan has practiced as a lawyer and currently is a college marketing professor in the state of South Carolina. We invited him on the show to discuss how marketing is being taught in an age where technology changes happen much faster than textbooks can be printed. How have things changed for marketing education in the digital age. Bryan will share his philosophy for teaching his students and we will discuss several topics related to how millennials and the youth of today view marketing. 

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We know you've been waiting for it. Today's the day where we talk about the Gillette commercial that all of you have been asking us about. Finally, you will hear our take and the view of our very educated guest. 

As always, there will be geek news, marketing news, and of course, the world famous, number one podcast Sex Robot report in the world. An anonymous person has called it, "The Greatest Sex Robot Report in the History of Time Itself!"

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