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Ep #33 - Fyre Festival Marketing and Why Psychopaths Make Effective Marketers...

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You've seen the Netflix and Hulu documentaries, you've read the horror stories, but what really was behind the Fyre Festival and it's sudden rise to prominence. In today's episodes, the investigative reporters known as the Marketing Geeks will examine the influencer marketing strategies and general marketing principles that were utilized to build fast, effective, and massive buzz about the Fyre Festival. The techniques that were exercised were often nefarious and with manipulative intent, but we are simply analyzing why they worked.

Additionally, we will look at Billy McFarland, the man behind the Fyre Festival as well as the millennial black card company, Magnesis. Billy has run multiple shady companies and seems to lack empathy in hurting other people. Based on his patterns, we discuss how he may or may not meet the characteristics of someone with psychopathic tendencies. In fact, research has shown that psychopaths tend to either end up in prison or rise to the position of CEOs. It's a very fascinating topic and we go deep into why they are effective in business and marketing as well as how a lack of empathy can create short term gains, but create bigger long term problems.

As always, there will be geek news, marketing news, and of course, the world famous, number one podcast Sex Robot report in the world. 

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