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Ep #29 - The Marketing Geeks Holiday Special - The Best of 2018 in Marketing, Movies, & All Media...

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Welcome to the year end episode of the Marketing Geeks. I don't know how we made it this far, but we did and we are ready to bring the heat in 2019. In this episode, the Marketing Geeks discuss current marketing news followed by the top marketing tools and softwares of 2018 as rated by us. We go through several tools that we use regularly in our businesses and which are powerful for anyone that wants to be in the marketing field. We then go full geek on you and discuss our top media picks for 2018 including the best movies and TV shows that we have seen. If you want to know a few to avoid also, you will not be disappointed. Make sure to stay til the end to get the movies that you should never EVER see and why this is. 

Sponsors of today's show include BannerSeason, a relationship marketing tool that allows you to upload whole lists of names and to create campaigns for birthday cards to your clients, anniversary cards, or even automated gifts. If you have a membership site, you can even send direct mail letters automated through the software. You simply upload a Word document and let the software do its thing. The software is pay as you use it and I highly recommend it. If you want to send holiday cards in bulk and surprise your best clients with personalized gifts that feature an image or logo on them, check out the software (Invitation Code = START). BannerSeason will let you create personal products like ornaments, golf balls, coffee mugs, water bottles, cards, or even brownies that you can send out online. Go to and enter invitation code START. If you do it and tell me about it, I will give you multiple shout outs on the show (so that's greater than or equal to two shout outs). 

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