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Ep #27 - Email Marketing - Get Out of the Spam Box and Into the Inbox...

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Today on Marketing Geeks, we are going all in on the subject of email marketing and we are focusing deeply on the subject of deliverability.

If you have ever wondered why your emails end up in the spam box and not the inbox, you may regret asking that question. We are going to go intensely deep on the subject and scare you away forever. We will cover things like SPF, DKIM, and dmarc records, writing effective headlines, email marketing platforms, analytics tracking, and creating automation through autoresponders. It’s a great episode and if you love email marketing and just listening to knowledge bombs being dropped by the marketing geeks, you are going to love the show. 

I’m writing this description at 2:42am so that’s about all I have to say about email marketing right now. 

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