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Ep #26 - We'll Do It Live Streaming - Facebook Live, Instagram Live & Software that Ignites Live Video...

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Welcome to the Marketing Geeks podcast and our episode focused on the magic of live streaming in your marketing and outreach. Live video used to be restricted to only major news networks and enterprise level businesses, but now, anyone with a phone has a television studio in their pocket. 

In this show, we will cover the platforms of Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, Twitter Live, Mixer, YouTube Live, Periscope, and more. Also, if you surf social media frequently, you have probably seen live video presentations that incorporate special effects, screen sharing, and split screen interviews. We will reveal our top recommendations for free and paid live streaming adjunct software that will help you to create your own high level and professional live stream videos. Some of the platforms covered include BeLive.Tv,, OBS or Open Broadcasting Software, and Zoom Webinar. Each of these platforms provides awesome functionality to spice up live streams. It's incredible content and if you want to dominate the live streaming space, you are going to want to learn these tips, tricks, and secrets that we reveal in this very rare episode that will disappear in the future one day. Listen to it now or risk missing out forever because who knows what will happen. 

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