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Ep #45- Personal Branding & Finding Clients as a Holistic Health Coach with Eva Vennari, CEO of the Elevate Institute

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Eva Vennari, holistic health coach and CEO of the Elevate Institute, sits down virtually with the Marketing Geeks for an interview for the ages. In this episode, we discuss the health coaching industry, what it takes to build a personal brand as a coach, and marketing strategies to find clients. Whether you want to learn more about holistic health coaching or break into this field, this interview will serve you well. 

The Elevate Institute is a specialized health coaching firm that empowers people to take control of their bodies and health. Eva created REVEAL within this company which is a breakthrough hair analysis technique that allows her to see what your body needs for healing and rejuvenation.

Eva experienced her own turmoils with her health and the health system when she was younger which inspired her career to move in this direction. You will hear Eva's personal story in the podcast interview. Eva has been referred to as "the healing rebel" and she lives by the mantra that WE CAN HAVE IT ALL including energy like you've never experienced before along with a natural glow to help you feel and look younger WITHOUT fad diets, health trends, or prescription drugs.

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