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LinkedIn Live Meetup Group Presentation in Santa Clarita, CA - Click Here for Video

Justin Womack (Coaching Biz Mastery) and Andros Sturgeon (StarChild Interactive) discuss the latest tips, tricks, and strategies to master LinkedIn Marketing in 2017. This video presentation was recorded at a a live group that was hosted by Sue Brooke ( in Santa Clarita, CA. Justin and Andros have now created an online training for LinkedIn at the website . Please visit that website for additional information about taking your LinkedIn marketing to the next level in 2017.

Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack talk Linkedin 2017 with Sue Brooke at her weekly Meetup group in Santa Clarita, CA. Sign up for the free 'Creating a Master LinkedIn Profile' webinar by visiting To see Andros and Justin live, visit to purchase a ticket to their live 2 day event which includes lunches for just $97.